Lightwave RF Control v0.9 Beta 1 Release

Due to a few requests, here’s the initial release of Lightwave RF Control!

This release contains two parts

  1. Arudino Sketch and libraries needed to compile this
  2. PHP Web Application

To get this working, you might want to take a look at the write up of the implementation, which details the arduino circuit to put together, and the setup of the php application itself.

The PHP web application needs MySQL, and should create the database on startup, though you’ll need to ensure after unzipping that the ‘config.php’ has necessary write permissions for the web user (chmod 777 the config.php file if you’re lazy like me  🙂 )

Source Code


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3 thoughts on “Lightwave RF Control v0.9 Beta 1 Release

  1. This link doesn’t appear to work anymore, as with your google code repo. Is there anyway you can update please??? Thanks

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