Lightwave RF Control Update

I’ve been working hard on updating the Lightwave RF Control development to take it out of beta.

I’ve resolved a number of issues/bugs, added multiple device queuing to the arduino code and therefore the ability to power off/on an entire room as shown in the screen shot below.  This required introduction of another serial message format to pass to the transmitting device from the web application, and an separation of some of the serial code/transmission to help with this.  It also required rethinking the UI a little to group controls on the screen better, and introduce (and differentiate) the whole room option where there is more than one device in the room.   This transmits a queue of devices to power on/off each device in the room sequentially.


I’m still ironing out the last few bugs, but this should be released soon for anyone interested once I’ve put the ‘sequence’ code together to allow you to create your own sequences!

2 thoughts on “Lightwave RF Control Update

  1. Hi Pembo,

    This project is just perfect for me, as the lightwave products so what expensive, especially the boiler and radiator control units.
    I would very much appreciate an update on were you are with the all raspi solution?

    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you shortly


    Andrew purnell

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