Infinite Prime

App for Windows Phone 7/8 available from the windows phone store

With over 350 downloads, Infinite Prime Control for Windows Phone 7 and 8 constructs the correctly formatted text messages in order to control the infinite prime burglar alarm control panel.

Install here

The infinite prime panel from electronics line
is an excellent wireless alarm system that when paired with the GSM module, allows control via SMS messaging.

The app currently provides the ability to:

  • arm full/part/perimeter
  • disarm
  • check the status of the alarm.
  • select a contact/enter a phone number for the panel
  • Enter the GSM pin
  • persist the panel/pin values

Due to security restrictions in WP7/8, it is not possible to transmit or receive/process text messages in the background, so it constructs the relevant format text message and then presents this to the user to send.