Games Development (PC)

Most of my games development for the PC in the past resovled around Visual Basic, but more recently I’ve been building simple prototypes in using Java, and even some direct X based development in Visual Basic, C#, and C++, however all have been very basic!

Some of the details of when I did these PC developements are a little sketchy, but hopefully following is a small account of my progression


Card Games

The early games/prototypes/tests often centred around Card games – these are generall pretty easy to implement, especially black jack, though I started down the path of creating the card game known as ‘shit head‘ or shed, but never got very far.

card games



After that came the obligitory ‘Pong’, Download here: [download#1#nohits]. (You’ll need the VB6 Runtime Library for this)



PC Chaos

Then, there came the still unfinished PC Chaos, a clone of Julian Gollop’s excellent spectrum classic:



Fruit Loot

A UK Fruit machine inspired game – never finished (again!) but had some promise.


This can be downloaded using the following link: [download#9#nohits].  This requires the VB6 runtimes and needs to be unzipped into the root of the C: drive.


.NET Bricks (Tetris clone)

Finally, my most recent game, a tetris clone, developed whilst learning C#, utilising Direct X.  I am currently attempting to port this to XNA to make this run on an X-Box 360, and to learn XNA as I do this.

This can be downloaded here: [download#6#nohits].  The DirectX SDK is required in order for this to run in its current form.

falling bricks