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E2Stream currently has the following features

  • Configuration of IP Address and ports on startup
  • Filter of number prefixes when channels have a number in their name
  • Selection of bouquet to use on startup
  • Channel/Bouquet Selection
  • Now/Next channel information
  • Picons based on Service ID or Service Name
  • Stream or Transcode
  • Full Screen playback
  • Full screen channel change with now/next on info bar
  • View/Playback of recordings
  • Zap to channel
  • Multiple Audio Stream selection
  • Multiple Player implementation for backwards compatibility with early model smart TVs
  • Parental Control to lock settings and starting bouquet
  • Choice to Suspend/Deep Suspend E2 box on exit

28 thoughts on “E2Stream Features

  1. Hi pembo very good work. Just instaled.

    feature request:
    1.memorize last channel (before exit app)
    2.Autostart channel when starting App (1st channel or memorized) .

    some channels dont work… i dont understand why… same error occurred with nStreamLmod_30 App
    channel A: > doesn’t stream
    channel B: > streams OK

    Is this any logic??
    They stream OK to my VLC player in my PC

    1. I think it’s some issue with the audio stream causing an issue in the Samsung player implementation.
      You could try to press ‘tools’ before you play the stream and try to play it then note and relevant error messages that might show in the debug window or take a photo and share.

      You could also try transcoding if your e2 box supports it – this might make it work.
      There’s also the legacy player to try, but this is a backwards step as its the older Samsung player that is being removed from all 2015 TVs.

      Re the feature requests – I’ll add these to the list these are good ideas 🙂

  2. You can reply to my email if you like

    more feature request:
    3. Play stream on background while choosing channel or changing settings

    About the bug:
    Did the tools key, debugged and no errors.
    The only thing that’s missing its “buffering competed” step..
    it’s like it keeps looping on buffering
    But if you ask I can send a photo from debug
    Do you want me to install debug version of e2stream?

    About transcoding…
    I have a dreambox 800se HD with OpenPLI firmware, and My smart tv is Samsung UE46F6500
    What’s exactly transcoding advantage?

    Kind regards

  3. Hi Pembo

    First of all GREAT WORK buddy. Installed your tool on a H series and works great.

    The only issue/query i have is the following

    My E2 stb has two tuner installed. One receiving satellite channels, the other one cable.
    Now, i tried to watch, simultaneously, in the living room a sat channel via the e2 stb and in the other room a cable channel via e2stream on my samsung h series. This works great and without any problem. In the living room i can switch the channels on the stb and this has NO effect on the e2stream in the other room. It works independently which is great.

    The problem is vice versa – when i switch channels on e2stream it changes also the channel on my stb.

    Is there any possibility to avoid or rectify this?

    Thanks and kind regards

  4. Very good work.
    Now I´m so happy… I installed it on an UE22H5670 and it works great.
    HD, SD channels, all channels work.

  5. Hi Pembo,

    I can’t see how to select audio channels. I have the narrative channel by default. Where do I change it?


    1. So long as the TV stream player can detect the audio channels (for some reason it can’t always) press the red ‘A’ button whilst watching and it’ll switch between the various audio channels .

  6. It\’s only detecting the narrative audio channel. When I push the red button I see \”Audio Channel 1/1\”. The VU+ receiver shows both the narrative and the non narrative audio channels. Is there any way round this?

    1. Mark, unfortunately not – it detects and give the ability to change all the audio channels it can interpret from the stream. I’ve witnessed this a couple of times also myself.

      Is there a particular channel you’ve spotted this on so I can try and do some more digging to isolate if its a Samsung or openwebif issue?


  7. Thanks for your reply Pembo. The channels I’ve spotted this on are Disney XD+1 Boomerang +1 (28E). The order of the audio channels showing on the receiver is (1) Narrative and (2) English for both these channels. I haven’t noticed the issue on any channels where the audio channel order is (1) English and (2) Narrative, although I haven’t tested it thoroughly.

  8. Very good application, it works great series ES,
    I have only one problem with the installation, erasing me the other installed applications, use SammyWidgets to install the app with it can selecionar that want to install, only just installed * .zip,a recommendation to install all app?

    1. Which series of the SMART TV do you have. It only works on E,F and H series reliably due to limitations of supported apis/codecs in previous TV models.
      You can just about get it working on a D series with on-box transcoding and the legacy player in the Samsung TV. C series doesn’t work at all.

  9. Hi. Great job. Can you please write me how make that run on D-Series Samsung. What you mean legacy player in Samsung TV ?? Best Regards

    1. The app uses two Samsung tv player implementations. For a D-series Tv, a few people have reported success using the ‘legacy player’ and more using this in combination with transcoding. Install and give it a try… nothing to lose!

  10. I have a Samsung series F6400, when I enter the ip of the satellite openwebif enabled as per requirement, I get this error, i can not contact your Enigma 2 stb, error message: NETWORK_ERR: XMLHHttpRequest Exception 101 � I await your help thank you

  11. Hi Pembo, any news on this issue? I\\’m pushing the red/A button while watching CN+1 to change away from the narrative audio channel. E2Stream displays Audio 1/1 even though the STB displays 2 audio channels. E2Stream still isn\\’t detecting both audio channels.

    1. Works fine on 0.4.6 – this will be a setting on your E2 box preventing access, https, auth required maybe. On startup E2Stream lists what options should be off. Failing that, reflash your e2 box and try again.

  12. Hello pembo,

    is it soon possible to program a version of ‘E2Stream’ to use it with a Samsung J Serie TV??? That would be great!!! TKS!!!

  13. Hi Pembo,
    I have a feature request. I save the majority of my recordings in their own Folder especially if it’s a series. When I try to view the recordings via E2stream, I only see the individual files in the Movies Folder, I can’t see the folders that are contained within \Movies\. Is there anyway to modify this so that I’m able to see the folders?



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