Infinite Prime Control updates

I’ve been working on an update to my windows phone app – infinite prime control, that allows control of the infinite prime alarm via formatted SMS messages

I’m currently adding in part and perimeter arming and am open to suggestions as to what else might be useful to people.

I’m also contemplating an android, iPhone and blackberry implementation (in that order!)

Its had around 72 downloads from the windows phone marketplace in just over a month – which isn’t too bad considering that it is only useful if you do indeed have an infinite prime alarm!


3 thoughts on “Infinite Prime Control updates

  1. Let me see what I can do – I’ll have to ‘loan’ the company macbook in order to build it as I don’t personally own one 😉

  2. Fred – still haven’t forgotten about this. It’s still on my list of things to do! I’ll post when I have something more concrete to share, but the equipment / capability is now in my possession 🙂

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