E2Stream v6.6

E2Stream v6.6 is now available to download from here:

Change log:

v6.6 - 27/09/20156
* Resolved issue with recordings/movie playback in relation
  to the changes made for the transcoding settings introduced
  in v6.5 that was preventing the playback of recordings.

Please note, the installation and setup requires you to enable a ‘develop’ account on your TV.
You also need Java v7 or v8 to run the installer.

Instructions to setup can be found here

For any bugs, please email/post or create a new issue here

If you do use E2Stream, please consider donating to support the continued development and hosting costs of this app! You can donate any amount you feel is applicable here:

6 thoughts on “E2Stream v6.6

  1. Hi. Thanks for the update. Quick question re. update. Do I, or should I, uninstall the previous version of e2stream?

    1. Working on it Su 🙂
      Unfortunately its a complete change from the previous models because of the OS change to Tizen, so this isn’t straight forward and there’s no direct porting process without some rework. The other blocker is I don’t have a J-Series TV yet so I’ve got nothing other than the emulator to test it on, and from previous testing, the TV is also key to debugging as the emulator doesn’t (or at least didn’t) truly represent what the TV would do!

  2. Pembo – sorry if you\’ve been asked this a thousand times already :)Have you any rough timescales for the J series Beta please?

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