E2Stream v5.6

E2Stream v5.6 is now available to download from here: [download#26#nohits]

Change log:

v5.6 - 26/01/2015
* Resolved issue with return button and infobar cancel
* Resolved issue with now/next detail showing when constant
  buffering occurs
* Moved the 'buffering' text just slightly to make it more
* Removed redundant code for infobar in preparation for
  coming changes
* Extended debug view to fill the pane with lines
* Reduced font-size in NOW/NEXT detail and stopped text from
  overflowing the container

Please note, the installation and setup requires you to enable a ‘develop’ account on your TV.
You also need Java v7 or v8 to run the installer.

Instructions to setup can be found here

For any bugs, please create a new issue here

If you do use E2Stream, please consider donating to support the continued development and hosting costs of this app! You can donate any amount you feel is applicable here:

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