E2Stream v5.3

E2Stream v5.3 is now available to download from here: [download#26#nohits]

Change log:

v5.3 - 09/01/2015
* Moved transcode to settings screen
* Added 'multi-transcoder' settings to the advanced settings
  screen  for those receivers that use this.  Note:
  - On enabling multi-transcode it disables the default
    transcode mechanism as it's not relevant
  - Doesn't apply to recordings as this is a different e2 api
* Fixed(hopefully?) return button for H-Series TVs to enable
  the exit dialog, and return to exit from full screen player.
* Fixed advanced/parental settings to return to the settings
  screen rather than back to the main screen
* Made Rewind button delete a character on number entry in
  settings/advanced settings screen
* Following resolution of enter issue in v5.2, changed the help
  bar to reference the enter button now.
* Improved error handling on some network/stream communications

Please note, the installation and setup requires you to enable a ‘develop’ account on your TV.
You also need Java v7 or v8 to run the installer.

Instructions to setup can be found here

For any bugs, please create a new issue here

If you do use E2Stream, please consider donating to support the continued development and hosting costs of this app! You can donate any amount you feel is applicable here:

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