TetWiis v1.1 Released!

TetWiis v1.1 has been released containing a number of bug fixes and requests.

Download Game: [download#22#nohits]

Change Log – v1.1:

  • Implemented clockwise/anticlockwise rotation of the blocks. Button (1) on the wiimote and (b) on the classic controller now rotate anticlockwise.
  • Adjusted the key repeat timings for improved control
  • Fixed the DOWN press release timer to give you a small amount of time before the key repeat kicks in again.
  • Implemented a pause menu (Pressing Home Button Ingame) where you can return to the game menu, or exit to the loader
  • Added a graphical reminder on the high score entry screen that the wiimote should be vertical
  • Resolved a few minor bugs.

You can optionally download the forwarder DOL/channel WAD here:
Download Channel/Forwarder: [download#23#nohits]

If you want to retain your scores, simply copy the boot.dol from v1.1 and replace the existing boot.dol from v1.0


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One thought on “TetWiis v1.1 Released!

  1. Thank you very much for implementing anti-clockwise rotation 🙂
    Everything is good now, you have made a wonderful game!

    Just a question… How do you increase the falling speed through levels? Until level 20 speed almost does not increase at all, but past level 20 it increases exponentially! Maybe a better formula for increasing it can be used in order to increase it progressively as you advance through levels?

    Have a great day!

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