BootMii Configuration Editor Forwarder & Channel

I’ve now created a forwarder and Channel for BootMii Configuration Editor. The forwarder is based on the excellent code in WiiMC by Tantric, and the channel was created using CustomizeMii. As per WiiMC, the channel/forwarder will attempt to use IOS58 if this is present for USB2.0 compatibility

The forwarder expects to find boot.dol in the /apps/bootmii_cfg_ed/ directory on either the SD or a USB device.

I’ve tested this on my Wii running HBC 1.08, installing the channel using an appropriate WAD installer and all is good!
If you’ve any concerns about installing channels, please don’t do this unless your adequately protected with BootMii/Boot2 or Priiloader.

Download BootMii Config Editor Forwarder & Channel (3457 downloads)

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