Windows XP Suspend/Hibernate USB Hub issues

On waking from a suspend or hibernate, Windows XP doesn’t seem to redetect/activate my USB hub, so all the devices that are plugged into it aren’t available until I unplug/plug it in again to allow the hub to be redetected. This is a pain for me, as I use media center and it wakes from hibernate to record TV programs via my DVB TV Tuner.

To work around this issue, I’ve got a script below which I place in my windows start menu/startup folder. This script listens for the suspend/hibernate/wake notifications from windows and disables/enables my USB Hub correctly, as well as renewing my IP address from the router.

If you want to try this, you can download it from here:

Though you’ll need to figure out your device ID for your hub and modify a few of the files. There is very brief instructions in the zip.

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