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18 thoughts on “E2Stream Download

  1. Great Stuff!!!! i have some problems to see encrypted channel! i can see only “buffering….please wait”. thnx

    1. hard to say without knowing the exact details however
      make sure you’re using latest version of cam, make sure you have descramble http streams set to on.

  2. Hi Pembo,

    Really great app. Just what I was looking for. But after this come that 😉
    Now I know this is possible. I would like to kindly ask you if you know if it’s also possible to use your app outside of the home network. In other words; would it be possible to install your app at the office and stream my channels over the internet? I should probably open a port (8080) to get this done.

    Thanks in advanced for your reply.

    Kind regards,


  3. Hi, Great app. Only problem I have is that despite Audio narration being off on the Enigma box (doesn\’t narrate on the box directly connected to Enigma), but narration does come through on some channels on E2Stream. Is there a way to prevent this? Version 6.3 installed.

    1. This is an annoying issue – there’s no way to get a particular stream from E2 – all audio streams are there, but the TV can’t detect them properly all the time. When it does, you can press ‘A’ to change the audio channel. It’s a TV software problem ultimately.

  4. The best way I found around this problem was to open up my settings in Dreamboxedit and delete the narrative Audio PIDs. Now the receiver doesn’t have the narrative audio streams for these channels and E2Stream can only play the remaining non-narrative channel by default. I think I used KingofSat to identify the narrative Audio PIDS.

  5. Hi I am having dm800 hd & UE40F6400 samsung smart tv … have tried to go thru your instalation guide for creating samsung account \’DEVELOP \’ but I am having problems with creating new account … my tv is display \’ connecting \’ after several times and once waiting 30 min I gave up

  6. Hi, is it possibile to install e2stram on samsung’ tizen tv? I set me like administrator with but i can’t connect pc to tv. What’s the way? thanks in advance

    1. Not right now sorry. I’m working on converting this – but as I don’t have a tizen based TV yet, this will be a slow process.

  7. Hi, great app, my only problem is the strange behavior of fast forward/backward when playing recorded media. Sometimes forward button skips backward and vice versa. Anyway to adjust forward/backward settings?

    1. This might be something to do with buffering.
      Like on the E2 box, you can use 1,3,4,6 and 7,9 to ‘jump’ intervals, with 1 and 3 being the shortest interval and 7 and 9, the longest.

  8. awesome app! one question thou: since im using twitch app for tv as well, is there a way to get the widget app? cause otherwise i can either have e2stream or twitch app installed, since i have to app sync to get the installed which then removes the prior installed app 🙁

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