Information about pembo.co.uk and my history.

I’m a UK graduate in computing science and have been working in the commercial software industry for a large number of years developing bespoke applications for large ‘blue chip’ companies using many different languages, technologies & techniques. I currently specialise in the development of internet/intranet based Java/XML applications utilising architectural styles such as SOA and Micro Services, as well as the development and integration of BPM technologies in the aforementioned architectures whilst continually pursuing a devops agenda utilising continuous integration, inspection and deployment techniques.

Amongst other things, this website features an archive of some of the personal developments that I’ve done throughout the many years, developed for different systems and using languages varying from STOS BASIC through to the current languages of Java and .NET. Some of these are available from the downloads page to download and run, purely as a personal archive.

More recently I’ve been enjoying developing Nintendo Wii Homebrew applications using C/C++, and Windows Phone Applications using C#. Currently my Wii BootMii Configuration Editor Utility has had in excess of 200,000 downloads from a few locations, and TetWiis nearing 100,000 downloads. My windows phone app (Infinite Prime Control) has also had nearly 500 downloads, despite the fact that you need the alarm panel and GSM adapter for the app to be at all useful, meaning this is only relevant to a small percentage of windows phone users, which is only a small percentage of the smart phone market!

If you wish to get in touch for whatever reason, please use the Contact Me link here or in the menu at the bottom of any page to drop me a note, and I’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.