E2Stream v6.0

E2Stream v6.0 is now available to download from here: E2stream (10382 downloads)
Note this is a major release and has had significant changes implemented in order to provide new functionality.

Change log:

v6.0 - 07/02/2015
* Up/Down arrows buttons whilst whilst watching a channel
  now allow you to browse now/next for the channels in the
  currently active bouquet
* Whilst browsing now/next 'enter' will select and tune the
  current channel.
* Fixed info-bar display on pause
* Up/Down arrow buttons also display the info bar now

Please note, the installation and setup requires you to enable a ‘develop’ account on your TV.
You also need Java v7 or v8 to run the installer.

Instructions to setup can be found here

For any bugs, please create a new issue here

If you do use E2Stream, please consider donating to support the continued development and hosting costs of this app! You can donate any amount you feel is applicable here:

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