Raspberry Pi

As previously posted, I’ve now replaced my ageing NSLU2 with a raspberry pi.


oh my… look at those wires!

Having finally set it all up, and now having a case from ModMyPi, it’s nearly complete.  I’ll be doing a write up of all the set up, much like I did for my NSLU2 Debian installation.  The Pi is already proving a much more powerful beast – heck it’s got much more than 29MB worth of memory!

So much so, that currently my Pi is running:

  • One of either Twonky Special 7 or minidlna (still haven’t decided yet as I’m struggling to get Twonky to work with my Samsung Smart TV whereas minidlna does, but seems unreliable)
  • Apache web server running 3 virtual hosts – one external, one internal, and one for…
  • Subversion
  • My SQL
  • PHP5
  • SSH Server to gain access to my network via the internet (requires a public/private certificate combination but it still doesn’t stop those script kiddies having a go!)
  • Deny Hosts (for the above!)
  • Samba (plus swat for configuration)
  • Tight VNC Server should I need to remote into an X session

On the hardware side – I’ve got the following plugged in:

  • 16GB Micro SD (in adapter)
  • Powered Belkin 4 port USB
  • 280GB Seagate Hard Disk – hosting swap and core OS files not on SD
  • 2TB Data Disk
  • 1.5TB Backup disk
  • 1 * Webcam (still need to get this working!)
  • Connected via HMDI (through DVI converter) into my PC monitor
  • Connected to internet via Ethernet 10/100 through a switch.
  • Optional Keyboard/mouse plugged in for if/when I can’t get in via SSH following a reboot

In the meantime, I think I might go and tidy up all those wires 😉


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