Windows Phone 7 – Mango

As a user of windows phone 7, I’m pretty excited at the fact that the Mango release is due within the next two weeks.
The user interface of windows phone 7 is by far and above the best experience of all mobile devices I’ve used, which include Symbian, Blackberry, Android and iPhone!

Windows Phone 7 is so extremely slick and intuitive, and needs to be seen/used and lived with before anyone passes judgement/fan boy ism comments. There’s just so many nice things about it, and the mango release looks set to address some of the more irritating issues, whilst adding a whole host of additional features!

As such – I’m also pleased to see Windows 8 going in this direction, along with the XBox360 Dashboard.

It looks like Microsoft is onto a winner here, be interesting to see the state of the mobile/OS/games console market in a couple of years time!


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