TetWiis Update (part 4)

All movement code is now complete, and I’m now onto the game engine routines.

All the individual squares of the blocks get added to a 2d array so I can continually draw them.  I’ve not tested this yet and anticipate a few issues around this, but once I’ve got this bit working, I might actually have a ‘prototype’ version that actually plays tetris!

I need to sort out the game states so that there is a start screen/menu, game, paused, and game over states also before I get too far into making it pretty.

This is probably the most complex C++ piece of code I’ve ever done, even beyond all the theoretical C++ crap I had to do at university.  I think years of OO java coding have enforced OO concepts into my brain much more than I understood when I was at Uni, so things are much clearer now I think 😕

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