Following the second failure of my slug debian installation, I couldn’t bear to go through the lengthy 10 or so hour setup process, so I’ve decided to give SlugOS a try and see how I get on with this one.  It’s taken around an hour to flash/format/setup the disk, and install the core packages.

I’ve now got opkg and ipkg working….

Off to play now 🙂

3 thoughts on “SlugOS

  1. Samba and SlugOS really don’t seem to play nicely together!
    I’m getting all sorts of issues trying to make the thing work, and nothing I have done so far has resolved it – might give in and go back to uNSLUng at this rate!

  2. I flashed back to uNLSUng, and even had issues with samba on this. The web interface kept popping up errors about not being able to get the samba configuration.

    I had to telnet into the redboot loader to delete the settings, then reflash it with unslung and it started working again! I’m now tempted to reflash back to SlugOS and give it another go, just incase this was causing the original samba issues!

  3. I flashed back to open slug, and still struggled with samba, however they were different issues this time! It appears that my XP laptop had no problem with the shares, but my Windows 7 desktop did 🙁 Spent a good few hours messing around with settings in the policies on this box, but the main thing in the end was that the 445 port was missing the smb.conf file – when I added this in, it just started to work…..

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